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The Center For Workplace Satisfaction

Imagine your workplace with less conflicts and employee disputes. Everyone shows up with a spirit of cooperation. Would performance and productivity automatically go up?

Communication Skill Training

Communication is not just about reflective listening, eye contact, and body language. It’s about stepping into somebody’s world to truly understand his or her psychological needs. If you don’t know what motivates and influences others, you cannot influence and change their behaviors. People do things for their own reasons. However, when you can help them meet their needs, they will move mountains for you. In this training, your team members will learn a become master communicators.

Conflict Resolution Training

A study conducted back in 2010, revealed that U.S. companies spend about $359 billion in paid hours dealing with conflicts. 85% of employees experience some form of conflicts. Sadly 60% of employees in the workplace have never been exposed to the most basic conflict resolution training. The reality is, where there are people, there will always be conflicts. But, what if your team members knew exactly how to resolve their internal and external conflicts? That’s exactly what this training is help them accomplish.


We can help you understand the why and how behind your team members’ behaviors and actions. That revelation will drastically reduce conflicts, boost productivity, and retention. Each training is custom tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges.